I work as a construction contractor with a speciality in painting. Recently I received a call from a business associate letting me know that I had just won a contract involving a new hotel facility. He asked me to meet him in two days at another hotel to discuss the details of the contract and I accepted.

When the day came, I decided to go with one of my apprentices. As we got there, the business associate had two other men with him, and they decided that we should go to yet another hotel for the meeting. I did not know this was a calculated plan to isolate us so they can do what they had in mind without trace.

When we got to the second hotel, they took us to a room and offered us drinks. I respectfully declined and asked that we proceed to the business at hand so we don’t continue to waste time.

Suddenly, one of the men pulled a matchet and hit me hard on the head. They asked me to lie face down on the floor. It was terrifying and I knew nothing could save my life except GOD.


It turned out it was at that same hour that the woman of GOD, Prophetess Uju had just finished from her church service and was telling a sister standing with her that she was seeing a casket. They immediately started praying in line with what she already prophesied over my family that GOD will preserve our lives and stop the evil plan of satan to bring death in our family.

As the one of the killers swung his matchet to behead me, my apprentice took off in horror to escape. GOD used that to distract the killers who went after my apprentice to get him back. I took the opportunity to run and jump through the window of the hotel room which was on the second floor of the building.

I miraculously landed on a tarpaulin heap on the ground. I lost two of my teeth as a result of the jump, but that’s nothing considering that I could have lost my life moments before.

When the killers saw I had escaped, they started shouting “thief, thief, catch him!” to deceive bystanders to think I was a bad guy and not believe whatever I had to say. These killers even joined the gathering crowd who were about to stone me to death.

But GOD was at work!

Somehow, and I mean somehow, the people changed their mind. they gave consideration to my story and helped me get to the nearest police station.

By the time police came to the scene, we found my apprentice tied down from head to toe with a rope, but they didn’t harm him since he wasn’t their target.

I praise God for his mercy upon my life.